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Whether you need the residential or commercial services of an electrician in Richmond Hill, call the experts at Best Electrician. Our many clients know us as their go-to, service-oriented Richmond Hill licensed electrician. With Best Electrician you get the benefits of a company that can do it all: We’re small enough to ensure you receive the personal service you deserve, and big enough to manage the largest home and business projects. 

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Why Should You Choose Us As Your Electrician in Richmond Hill?

Yes, we’re the Richmond Hill residential and commercial electricians who can handle it all. When you decide to put potlights in to give your remodel that clean, luxurious look, call us for potlight installation. New ceiling fans? No problem – we put them in every day, in every configuration. From new wiring for renovations to wiring for residential and commercial generators, Best Electrician gets it done for you.

When in doubt about who to choose for your electrical work, talk to the customers who have hired us over the many years we’ve been in business. Ask our residential customers, who’ve brought us in to handle their lighting projects. We’ve installed everything from holiday lights to outdoor motion-sensor controlled security lighting. They’ll all tell you we are the best electricians in Richmond Hill. And when you speak with our commercial customers, you’ll hear the same story over and over: Best Electrician gets the job right the first time – they’re our Richmond Hill commercial electrician of choice. 

If you’re like most people, you’re always working with a smaller budget than you’d like for your larger projects. When you’re working with a Richmond Hill residential electrician, you need to make sure they charge you only a portion of the total project bill up front. That’s how Best Electrician works for you. We guarantee you’ll never pay the final bill until you are 100% satisfied with the work we’ve done.

A Family Business

Best Electrician is comprised of a father and son team who have devoted themselves to delivering high-value, unbeatable service since the company’s inception many years ago. We have a great reputation among Richmond Hill electricians, and provide dozens of electrical services that include:

  • Lighting installation, including potlight installation, ballast and bulb replacement, landscape lighting, and bathroom and kitchen lighting.
  • Upgraded indoor electrical wiring for remodels.
  • Residential and commercial electric panel installation and repair.
  • Outdoor wiring projects.
  • Office and commercial property new and upgrade wiring.

We love projects – in fact, we are expert project managers and excel at running both large and small projects. That’s why we’re able to run so many different kinds of projects in the residential and commercial areas. Builders, developers, and other contractors in Richmond Hill know us as a courteous, safety-oriented professional team who will complete their projects on time and within the planned budget.

Choosing a Richmond Hill Licensed Electrician

You wouldn’t see a foot doctor for a toothache, and nor should you select a handyman to put in the new electrical panel for your home or business. Electricians not only attend an accredited trade school – they’re required to go through a rigorous post-schooling training process that takes them from Apprentice to Journeyman to Master Electrician. We are Master Electricians in Richmond Hill and specialize in both residential and commercial wiring projects. We’ve experienced and dealt with any electrical problem you can imagine, so don’t take a chance on hiring the wrong person or company for the job. We are trained and qualified to do the work you need. 

How can you tell whether a Richmond Hill electrician can meet your needs? Ask for references. Speak with their customers. Ask them how well the work was done. Did they get what they expected? Were there hidden costs or problems that arose from mistakes that happened as the electricians were doing the work? When you ask a Best Electrician customer about us, they’ll tell you all about our work ethic, our commitment to safety, and how easy it is to work with us. We get a lot of projects simply because our customers sent others our way. What better testimonial could you ask for than that? 

Any Richmond Hill electrician must carry an ESA (Electrical Safety Authority) license. Make sure you see it and note the license number, because that’s how you know the professional you’ve hired is no mere handyman, but an expert who can safely and successfully get your project done. 

Consider yourself to be quite a handyman? In these days of DIY projects being featured everywhere you look on the internet, it’s tempting to think you could handle that rewiring project yourself. After all, doing it yourself means you save the money you’d otherwise spend on an electrician. However, you must take into consideration the significant risk associated with electrical projects and ask yourself whether the risk is worth it. Consider:

  • 2000 people this year will wind up in an Ontario emergency room as a result of electrical injury. 
  • 46% of electrical accidents resulting in a fatality happen at home.

Call Best Electrician before you risk injury or even death. We’re the Richmond Hill licensed electricians to call who will get your job done affordably – and safely.

Installations and Electrical Safety

It’s a terrible mistake to take electrical safety for granted. We are routinely exposed to possible injury by electricity, particularly in cases where we are upgrading old wiring and bringing it up to code. Frayed and damaged wiring is the most obvious danger, but when you’re in the middle of a remodel you never know what sort of trouble lies in wait behind that wall you’re about to take out. Electrical arcs can burn you just as fire does, and an arc can strike in any direction, exposing your eyes and skin to unbelievable amounts of heat. Trust us, you do not want to expose yourself to such a risk. We’re trained to work safely. When you watch us at work you can see for yourself the pains we take to minimize the possibility of injury. 

Safety is the key to working with electricity. We may tame electricity to work for us, but like a wild animal it can lash out unexpectedly, causing property damage and injury if handled by an untrained person.

We Are Richmond Hill Licensed Electricians, Bonded and Insured

We take pride in our business and our reputation. You’ll note that we’re ESA licensed, bonded, and insured. We are not only expert in following the Ontario Electrical Safety Code – we’re know how to meet the requirements established by the industry for those who work in the electrical business. You can hire us and know that we’ll get your project done professionally and accountably. 

Contact us today and find out what it’s like to have the best residential and commercial electricians in Richmond Hill working for you.

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