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Best Electrician is the Vaughan licensed electrician to call for your home and business electrical projects. We’re big enough that we can manage the largest commercial and residential projects, and small enough to give you personalized service at a price that makes it even easier to choose us. 

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Why Should You Choose Us As Your Electrician in Vaughan?

As your Vaughan residential and commercial electricians, we deliver a full range of services and expertise to handle any project. Perhaps you’ve considered installing potlights, but aren’t sure which models to select. Or maybe you’re finally getting around to that tough bathroom remodel you’ve been anticipating. We’re the Vaughan potlight installation specialists. In fact, whether its upgrading the wiring for your remodel or installing new electrical panels, Best Electrician is the one to call.

There are many electricians in Vaughan who can no doubt handle your projects. But if you’ll speak with the many customers who have hired us over the many years we’ve been in business, you’ll find they unreservedly recommend Best Electrician as the one Vaughan electrician you should trust. Our residential customers have called on us to install everything from outlets for new energy-saving appliances, to solar panels, to holiday lighting. Each and every customer will tell you the same story: We’re their go-to electrician. And that goes for our commercial customers, too. We always get your job done right, the first time.

Sweating over the budget for that big remodel you’ve been planning? That’s the case for most people – you get starry eyed looking at the latest fixtures and appliances, then run smack into your financial needs. When you choose us as your Vaughan electrician, you’ll find we have easy options to help you get what you want. We charge you only a portion of the total bill in advance. That’s how it should be, isn’t it? You never pay the final bill until you are 100% happy with what we’ve done for you.

A Family Business

The father-and-son team that is Best Electrician is devoted to your satisfaction. We’ve been fanatical about delivering the absolute best work at the absolute best price since we went into business many years ago. Among Vaughan electricians our reputation is stellar. We provide a full array of electrical services, including:

  • Lighting installation, including potlight installation, ballast and bulb replacement, landscape lighting, and bathroom and kitchen lighting.
  • Upgraded indoor electrical wiring for remodels.
  • Residential and commercial electric panel installation and repair.
  • Outdoor wiring projects.
  • Office and commercial property new and upgrade wiring.

We happen to be expert project managers and are skilled at running both small and large projects. Our skill at project management enables us to run many different kinds of projects for home and business. We’re respected by builders, developers, and other contractors in Vaughan, and we’re perceived as a safety-conscious team of electricians who will get your project done on time and on your budget.

Choosing a Vaughan Licensed Electrician

It’s certainly tempting to use your regular handyman for that upcoming electrical project. A handyman can be worth his weight in gold, and on the surface may seem qualified but be ill-equipped to handle significant electrical projects such as installing electrical panels for your home or business.

Don’t make that mistake. You see, electricians not only attend school. They’re trained extensively by Master Electricians, working their way up from Apprentice to Journeyman to Master Electrician, and must pass rigorous certification requirements tests. Best Electrician are licensed Master Electricians in Vaughan, and we are trained to work on both residential and commercial wiring projects. Regardless of the electrical situation you face, we’ve seen it, installed it, or fixed it before. Don’t make the mistake of hiring an unqualified individual for your special project. Call Best Electrician and rest easy in the knowledge you have the best in the business on your side.

What’s the best way to determine if a Vaughan electrician can do what you need?

Ask to speak with their customers. When you ask a Best Electrician customer about our work, you’ll know immediately that not only did our customers get what they expected, but that there were no hidden costs and the work was done flawlessly. They’ll tell you how easy we are to work with, how committed to safety we are, and that we leave the work area tidy – just like we found it when we got there. We get a lot of business from folks who’ve been sent to us by friends who love our work.

Every electrician in Vaughan must be licensed by the ESA (Electrical Safety Authority). When you hire us, we’ll show you our license and license number so you know you’ve hired a company that knows what it’s doing.

You yourself may be quite the handyman, and you can certainly find instructions on the internet for just about any home improvement project of which you can conceive. At first blush, electrical projects can appear be a simple matter: Simply shut off the circuit you’re about to work on at the circuit breaker and have at it. But think about these statistics for one moment:

  • 2000 people this year will wind up in an Ontario emergency room as a result of electrical injury. 
  • 46% of electrical accidents resulting in a fatality happen at home.

That’s a lot of risk for the untrained person to take, isn’t it? Not only that, but we can’t tell you the number of times we’ve been called in to rescue a project started by an overeager homeowner. The expense of undoing someone else’s work always adds more to the project cost, so any money you thought you saved will be quickly eaten up by the price of undoing someone else’s mistakes.

Don’t take a chance. Call Best Electrician for your electrical projects. We are the Vaughan residential and commercial electricians who’ll get your projects done right – and safely.

Installations and Electrical Safety

You simply cannot take safety for granted when you’re working with electricity. We’ve seen the results of terrible accidents suffered by experts who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Don’t expose yourself to such danger. We are trained professionals who are regularly exposed to severe shocks and burns from sparks and molten metal. You can never tell what dangers lurk behind the walls in an older home, for example, or on a construction site.

Watch us at work sometime. You’ll notice we come prepared for the unexpected, taking pains to minimize possible injury on the job. Trust us to handle the job safely.

We Are Vaughan Licensed Electricians, Bonded and Insured

We are proud of the reputation we’ve earned as Vaughan residential and commercial electricians. We are ESA licensed, bonded, and insured. Hire us and know we’ll get your project done accountably and professionally.

Want to know what it’s like having the best electricians in Vaughan working for you? Call Best Electrician today and find out.

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