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When you’re searching for a North York licensed electrician that can handle your residential or commercial electrical project, there’s only one call you need to make: Best Electrician. Whether you’re installing a new commercial electrical panel or simply putting in some holiday lighting, we are the team that’s big enough to manage the big projects and small enough to provide personal service at a price that works for you. 

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Why Should You Choose Us As Your Electrician in North York?

We at Best Electrician offer a complete selection of services and expertise that make us ideal for any electrical project you have in mind. Building a mother-in-law cottage and concerned about getting it all “just right”? Or maybe you’re ready for that long-overdue kitchen remodel and know there are scary things hidings behind those ancient walls. No matter the project, call us. We’re the North York electricians to choose when you want it done just right.

You may know of other electricians in North York, and many can handle your projects. But you want the best. Take the time to talk with the folks who have brought Best Electrician in to work for them, and you’ll hear every one speak to the quality of our work and our trustworthiness. Our residential customers rely on us to install everything from home generators to complex solar panel systems, and they’ll be happy to tell you about our dedication. Our commercial customers love us, too, because they know we’ll get the job done on time and at the cost upon which we agreed. 

Do you have a big project on which you’re eager to get started, but are a little concerned over your budget? It happens to everyone. Once you start buying new appliances and fixtures, you watch the bills mount up and wonder how you’re going to pay for it all in time. When you choose Best Electrician as your North York licensed electrician, you’ll discover how easy we make it to do business with us. On larger projects you pay only a portion of the full bill ahead of time. When, and only when, you are 100% satisfied with our finished work, we will bill you for the final amount. 

A Family Business

We’re a father-and-son team here at Best Electrician. And we’re fanatical about your personal satisfaction. When you do us the honor of choosing us for your home or business project, we sweat the small stuff to ensure you receive the best possible work at the best possible price. It’s been that way ever since we started our licensed electrician business in North York, and that’s why our reputation among North York electricians is so good. 

We provide a complete set of electrical services, including:

  • Bathroom and kitchen lighting, potlight installation, and security lighting.
  • Electrical system rewiring for remodels and upgrades.
  • Installation and repair of residential and commercial electric panels.
  • Garden, patio, and pool lighting.
  • New and upgrade wiring for offices and commercial property.

Running projects both small and large keeps us happy and busy. In fact, we’re experts at managing projects, and that’s why we get to run so many different kinds of North York residential and commercial electrician projects. We’ve worked with most of the builders, developers, and other contractors in North York, and we’re pleased to report they consider us to be top-notch electricians with a focus on quality and safety that is second to none.

Choosing a North York Licensed Electrician

We understand you may have a reliable handyman who does most of your work around the home or business. A good handyman is a great find, but don’t make the mistake of assuming a handyman can handle the requirements of electrical work that must be of high quality and up to the latest building codes, such as installing an electrical panel for your home or business. 

Electricians are well-schooled and intensively trained – for years. Every electrician must undergo the same learning, starting as an Apprentice overseen by a Master Electrician. After several years as an Apprentice, the electrician works as a Journeyman for several more years until at last the crowning achievement of Master Electrician is attained.

We at Best Electrician are North York licensed Master Electricians.

We know how to safely and successfully work on both residential and commercial electrical projects. You’ll have peace of mind when you call Best Electrician, because we are the best in the business. 

Want to know how you can find out whether an electrician can fill the bill? Talk with their customers. They’ll give you an earful, no doubt about it. The earful you get from a Best Electrician customer will tell you right away that each and every one of them will hire us again when they need electrical project work in their homes or businesses. And they’ll go out of their way to recommend us to their friends and colleagues. 

When we arrive at your home or business, be sure to ask us for our ESA (Electrical Safety Authority) license. Every North York electrician must be so licensed. That license tells you that you’ve hired a company that knows its business.

  • 2000 people this year will wind up in an Ontario emergency room as a result of electrical injury. 
  • 46% of electrical accidents resulting in a fatality happen at home.

Have you ever seen the results of the terrible electrical accidents suffered by experts who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? Electricity, when it breaks loose, can scar, burn, and maim you faster than you can think. Don’t expose yourself to such danger. Let us handle these dangerous tasks for you. We’re trained to know what to do, and we’re equipped with safety gear designed to protect us in the event such an accident does occur. The dangers that lurk in the walls of older homes, for example, or on construction sites cannot be overemphasized.

Why would you expose yourself to injury or death just to put some lighting in on the cheap? Don’t take a chance. Call Best Electrician for your electrical projects. We are the North York residential and commercial electricians who’ll get your projects done right – and safely.

We Are North York Licensed Electricians, Bonded and Insured

We have earned an outstanding reputation as North York residential and commercial electricians. ESA licensed, bonded, and insured, we’re ready to get your project done accountably and professionally. 

When you’re ready to have the best electricians in North York working on your project, call Best Electrician. We look forward to serving you.

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Our goal is to exceed your expectations. We will be happy to give you a free, onsite estimate. Best Electrician wants to be your electrician in the city for both your residential and commercial needs.  

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