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“I highly recommend Best Electrician to anyone in need of professional electrician services… In short, he was knowledgeable and honest. Everything you could ask for in a professional.”- James Marshall

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Why Should You Hire Us?

Be Wise With Money

Our rates are honest, fair, and reasonable. We always give you a reliable quote.

License, Insurance, and Bond

We are a licensed electrician in Toronto. Ask us for our ESA License and we’ll provide it for you!

A Long History in Electrical Work

We are a family business, and have been providing Toronto Electrical services for many years. Our services and dedication to our clients is unparalleled.

Our Clients Are Happy

We always strive to keep our clients happy. Much of our work is repeat and referall business, because of the excellent service we provide clients.

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Our Focus is on Top Notch Customer Service

At Best Electrician, we have a strong focus on making customers happy. This means we always put your needs and safety ahead of everything else. Its not hard to find a skilled electrician in Toronto, but its hard to find who will give 100 percent on every job and take good care of you as a customer.
There are a myriad of home improvement activities that you can certainly do on your own, but handling electrical issues should only be handled by a reliable Toronto Electrician such as Best Electrician. We are the skilled electrical experts in Toronto which can guarantee exceptional service at affordable service rates.
We are all aware of the fact that electricity is a very powerful source of energy. Its usefulness ranges from heating, cooling, and powering appliances and gadgets which make the home a comfortable and cozy place to live in. Electrical problems develop as a result of many things.
Outdated circuitry and appliances are some of the main reasons why we encounter problems electrical problems at home. Unless handled properly, electricity is dangerous and may cause permanent damage to appliances, fires, injuries, and even death. If you want to make sure that your home is safe at all times, it is imperative to have the wirings checked routinely, or have problems managed right away by professionals.
Protecting yourself from unscrupulous electricians in Toronto or Mississauga that offer their services should be your utmost priority. Given that you are paying for professional service, you need to make sure that you are getting the best bang for your buck. Here is a short list of reasons why we are the electricians you should choose:


Top Reasons to Hire Best Electrician

Be Wise with Money

We allow our customers to make partial payments throughout the project for reasonably sized projects. An electrician that demands full payment even before the start of the project should be avoided altogether. Electrical contractors in Toronto that run legitimate businesses will only ask about 10% to 50% of the total value of the service rendered upfront unless the job is a very small job. Clients need to hold back the remaining payment until the entire job has been completed. For larger projects, we are flexible in terms of payment plans. We are experienced with commercial work, and Best Electrician is one of the best commercial electricians in the Toronto area. We have a lot of experience with commercial contracts.

Best Electrician is a Bonded, Licensed and Insured Toronto Electrician

Best Electrian is a licensed Toronto electrician with an up to date ESA license that we show to all of our clients when asked. It is recommended to hire a licensed electrician in Toronto to ensure that you get a high quality service from an individual that has education and skill in tackling electrical-related problems. Another factor that you will need to verify is whether they are insured and bonded. It is an advantage to choose from electrical companies in Toronto with both of these as rest assured that any damage to property or accidents that may potentially happen while doing repairs at home will be covered and adequately taken care of the contractor or individual himself. These are just some of the fine points that you have to verify prior to signing up an electrician to work in your home. If you want electrical work at home to be executed in a safe and efficient manner, these are undoubtedly necessary steps that are worth your time and effort.

We are a Reputable Toronto Based Electrical Contractor

A large electrical contractor in Toronto may implement routine electrical job and are most likely to fix all the problems that you’ve complained about. Small, independent electricians however go the extra mile and provide you with pointers and recommendations on how to improve the entire electrical layout of your home. Best Electrician is a mid sized firm that can provide you with both the extra mile, and the expertise and resources a larger electrician company may provide. We will give you recommendations on how to deal with future requirements and suggest the acquisition of appliances or upgrades that will make your home safer, thus reducing the incidence of issues and accidents in the future. Clients may or may not act upon these suggestions, but it is a worthwhile investment to implement changes so you and your family can feel safer altogether. We may also recommend the installation of energy-saving appliances, lighting fixtures, and circuitry. This means that you can significantly reduce the utility bills while ensuring that everything is intact and working properly as well.

Our Customers Love Us

Our customers love us! We are seasoned electricians from Toronto and we are confident enough to provide a few references of past clients to you. Licensed electricians from Toronto will readily provide licenses and copies of business permit which will then prove they are operating within local safety standards and have the necessary skills to take on any issue that you may have been encountering at home.

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