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When you’re seeking the services of an electrician in Markham for business or home, call Best Electrician. We’re Markham licensed electricians and electrical contractors who handle it all, from ceiling fan and potlight installation, to new wiring for renovations, all the way to office and commercial wiring. We’re big enough to handle major projects, and small enough to give you the one-on-one service you should expect from any Markham electrician.

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Why Should You Choose Us As Your Electrician in Markham?

We’re best known among our many clients as a service-oriented electrical contractor. Ask anyone who has had us in for a project and you’ll hear the same story over and over: Our customers are happy to have us work with them, and recognize us as the go-to Markham residential and commercial electricians who get the job done right the first time.

Working on a budget to complete that larger project? That’s not a problem for Best Electrician. We make it easy for you to make partial payments along the way. In fact, when you’re working with a Markham residential electrician, you should always expect to pay only a percentage of the full job up front. With Best Electrician you never pay the final bill until you are 100% satisfied.

A Father-and-Son Team

Best Electrician is a father-and-son team who have been providing superior service at unbeatable value for many years. We are one of the best-known electricians in the area, providing services that include:

  • Potlight installation.
  • Indoor electrical wiring for renovations.
  • Electric panel installation, repair, and upgrades.
  • PLC installations.
  • Outdoor wiring projects.
  • Office and commercial property new and upgrade wiring.

We’re expert at running projects both small and large. Project management is our strong suit, which is why we’re able to manage both residential and commercial projects. We work extremely well with builders, developers, and other contractors to ensure your project gets done on time and within budget. We’re well-known among Markham-area development construction companies and contractors as one of the top electricians in Markham. Ask your contractor and they’ll tell you about our expertise, professionalism, and commitment to safety.

How to Choose a Markham Licensed Electrician

When you’re seeking an electrician, it’s important to select one who is trained specifically for the work you need done. Make sure your electrician is trained and qualified to do the work you need. Electricians are highly trained experts in their field, often in more than one area. We are master electricians who specialize in residential and commercial electrical wiring projects. After many years in the business we can confidently report we have seen it all and are adept at solving any electrical problem you can imagine.

The best way to determine whether a Markham electrician can meet your needs is to talk to some of their customers. We are always happy to provide references, as all of our references are happy with the work we do. That’s why our customers refer us so often to friends and neighbors who also need electrical work done.

When you’re getting ready to hire an electrician, make sure to ask for their ESA (Electrical Safety Authority) license number. That’s how you know you’re hiring a professional and not a mere handyman who may or may not be qualified to handle your project.

While there are many projects that could be completed by the knowledgeable homeowner, consider the risks before you decide to tackle those of an electrical nature. Over 2000 people this year will wind up in an Ontario emergency room as a result of electrical injury. And did you know that 46% of electrical accidents resulting in a fatality happen at home? Don’t risk injury or death – call Best Electrician. We’re the electrician in Markham to call who will help you get the job done safely and affordably.

Installations and Electrical Safety

Regardless of whether you’re installing lighting, ceiling fans, or new wiring in a residential or commercial environment, safety is the key to working with electricity. Remember: Electricity is a force of nature we can tame to work for us – and it can break loose to cause significant property damage, injury, and even death if handled by anyone other a Markham licensed electrician.

Kitchen renovations can be particularly difficult, as you can encounter as many as 5 different voltage and amperage configurations in the same wall space. If you can’t tell a T slot 20-amp receptacle from a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) from a split receptacle with 220V potential between the top and bottom halves, then you need our services. The difference between the right receptacle and the wrong one in your kitchen is the difference between a delightful dinner and the shock of a lifetime.

Did you also know that Markham potlight installation has differing requirements based on where you install the potlight? Potlights installed in an insulated ceiling (as on a top floor) are configured differently from those installed in uninsulated ceilings. We know the difference – do you?

We Are Markham Licensed Electricians, Bonded and Insured

Best Electrician is licensed, bonded, and insured. “Licensed” means that the ESA has certified that we are not only expert in adhering to the Ontario Electrical Safety Code, but that we meet the requirements established for those involved in electrical work as a profession. That we’re bonded means you can hire us with the assurance that we’ll perform the work you’ve hired us to do, professionally and accountably.

Why do we carry insurance? When you’re dealing with electricity, you are dealing with one of the fundamental forces of nature. We are expert at what we do. We know electricity, and also know that even the best Markham electricians is going to run into unexpected issues. When that happens, and an accident or damage occurs as a result, the expert electrician will have the insurance needed to remedy the situation.

The next time you consider hiring a Markham residential or commercial electrician for your electrical project, call us. Best Electrician.

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